Choosing the ideal sports shower might turn out to be a daunting task largely due to the numerous options available on the market today. There is no doubt a lot goes into consideration when making this critical decision. You want to think about design, convenience, branding, budgeting and functionality among other issues. However, as a gym owner, the best way to approach the subject would be through considering your customers’ priorities.

So, what are your customers’ primary priorities? They obviously don’t want to have a private moment inside a poorly constructed shower after parting with a subscription fee. Nevertheless, they aren’t also looking for a seven-star hotel shower after paying a few rands in monthly membership fees. No, your clients are reasonable people. Your clients most probably have functionality and hygiene as their top priorities. So, why not offer them something that assures them of a hygienic environment? Glass showers seem to provide a solution to the problem.

Easy to clean and maintain

Other than offering quality natural light, adding style to your gym and creating an illusion of space, glass sports showers are relatively easy to clean and maintain as compared to conventional showers. While you might need regular changing of shower curtains, glass showers require minimal labor to clean and maintain consequently offering a mold-free environment.

While mold might not seem like a big deal to some people, it’s a health hazard capable of causing short-term and long-term health problems. Some of the most common short-term health issues associated with mold include throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, skin irritation and constant coughing. In more severe cases, you can be looking at asthma, chronic cough, pink eye, hypersensitivity pneumonitis and hay fever cases among others.

Mold thrives typically in dumpy areas or places where water is frequent. In this regard, a neglected bathroom shower could be an easy target. However, mold requires a place to attach itself in order to grow such as dust, paint, wall, carpet and even ceiling tiles. Conventional showers and shower curtains are easy targets, especially when left unattended. Luckily, mold cannot attach itself to glass shower walls like it would on a painted wall.

Won’t trap germs

Unlike conventional bathrooms, glass showers protect your clients from harmful bacteria found in showers. There is a huge number of pathogens and bacteria found in bathrooms that you can quickly eliminate. However, you need to find the bacteria and fungi in order to catch them which is a really tricky task with conventional bathrooms given the tiny crannies and corners. Furthermore, shower curtains have numerous folds where bacteria can easily hide.

Since glass sports showers mostly have flat surfaces and are easy to clean, the probability of bacteria hiding in the showers is pretty low. Furthermore, you can clearly see smudges on the glass that might signify bad news.

A good supply of styles and designs are available for various showers on the market today. However, even with the numerous stylish designs, glass showers always beat the competition when it comes to hygiene. In most cultures, hygiene is pretty standard which makes it an excellent reason to consider it as a priority when shopping for glass sports showers.

Installing a decent glass shower at your gym does not only impress your current clients but has the potential to attract new ones. According to a report published by the SCA- Hygiene on global handwashing day, a quarter of the people interviewed said that they avoided gym showers due to hygiene concerns in the UK. Some of the people polled in the survey mentioned that they have in the past canceled party invitations or avoided going to a public place due to hygiene concerns. In this regard, you can see as to why it’s essential to make hygiene your number one priority for your clients. Furthermore, most glass showers add style to the room and might complement the interior design. It’s a win-win situation!