If the last month has proved anything, it is that spending extended periods of times indoors will have a significant impact on our mental health. The recent global shutdown proves this. Many have found that self-quarantining comes at a hefty price – and that includes our mental health.

While professional medical attention is advised for those experiencing mental health issues, research shows that spaces that incorporate glass significantly improve moods. This is due to the addition of natural light that light brings. 

So, we thought we’d explore glass-themed homes and why adding glass to your home should be your next renovation project post-lockdown.

The power of light

We know natural light to be every photographer’s greatest companion and the selling point for homes, but did you know that light has extraordinary effects on your mental health? While we won’t bore you with the scientific jargon, we will say that the sun’s impact is undisputed.

Sunlight is not just an aesthetic addition that introduces a homey glow into your home. Your body, in fact, craves the vitamins associated with the sun. A lack of daily sunlight will present itself in a variety of negative ways as your body looks to overcompensate for the lack of natural light that it receives. 

By opting for a glass-themed home you will be making use of a readily available (and free) source of illumination. An added benefit is that you will be making use of one of the most underutilized options for mental health improvements. What’s better is that you won’t even need to step out of the house.

Glass inspired homes

What is a glass inspired home?

A glass inspired home is a house that ultimately pays homage to the wonders of glass as a material. This is a space that makes use of as many glass features as possible without compromising on functionality.

The use of high-quality glass throughout your space allows individuals to play between the great outdoors and indoor living. The ease at which this material allows the duality of indoor and outdoor flow highlights its inherent power.

Health benefits of a glass home

Ensuring that you get your daily dose of sunlight will see substantial increases in your overall mood. This is seen through the following:

1.  Boost in Vitamin D intake

Glass will evidently introduce sunshine into your space. When our bodies are exposed to natural light, our skin absorbs Vitamin D. This is a crucial nutrient that your body requires. This supposed “sunshine vitamin” works the same regardless of whether you are outside or absorbing through a glass window or glass sliding door.

It is also important to note that your body does not naturally create Vitamin D without the help of light. It, therefore, has to be supplemented. While oral supplementation is an option, nothing compares to getting it directly from a natural source.

2.  Substantially improves sleep

Many individuals have complained about experiencing insomnia during this lockdown period. Boosting the amongst of natural light that you absorb throughout the day will help curb insomnia. This is because sunlight helps regulate your sleeping pattern. Light ultimately signals your body’s internal “circadian” clock.

3.  Helps ward off seasonal depression

It is natural that the current COVID-19 pandemic spurs on seasonal depression. While it is, again, advisable to seek professional medical attention, one cannot overlook the impact that natural light will have on your mood. Increasing the amount of light that you engage with on a daily basis will help alleviate “seasonal blues”.

4.  Brings you closer to the tranquillity of nature

Is there anything better than starting your day with the warmth of the sun shining through? Glass grants you access to all of the wonders of nature; right at your doorstep. There is also something incredibly peaceful about engaging with the great outdoors. This will help ease anxiousness!

Glass elements involved with glass homes

Glass inspired homes

Ensure that your next home renovation project focuses not only on visual appeal but your mental health. Thankfully glass features allow you to satisfy both of these requests. Make sure to get in contact with our team so that we can help design this dream space.