Are you considering changing the style of your home in the new year but in need of a little inspiration? Search no more because we are covering our top 6 most favoured styles. In reality, though, these decorative styles are not rigid. There is no pressure to identify with just one. Mix and match with as many styles as you’d like and make it your own.

Mid-century modern

This interior design style pays homage to the mid-1900s through its use of refined lines, natural shapes and minimalist silhouettes. Spaces that follow mid-century modern aesthetics make use of simple colours, crisp lines and clean-cut pieces. Materials that work best in this space include, steel, metal and glass.

The use of glass in mid-century styled homes will not only define this space but complement its simplistic nature. This will also add a sense of elegance and synergy with the monochrome palettes. Glass will also add unobtrusive elements to a space that feed into a nonchalant and decluttered character. With intentional asymmetry, minimal chaos and neutral accessories, glass will help emphasise the stylish dialogue throughout.


Traditional interior design offers your space a more classic detailing. Rooted in European influence, this look is characterised by extroverted accessorising and opulent furnishings. This includes well-constructed wingback chairs and tufted Chesterfield couches. Features of this design style, therefore, rely on darker elements that are punctuated with rich colours, patterns and curved lines. Traditional stylings come with a sense of depth and layering.

Glass is a welcomed addition to traditionally styled spaces. Showcasing an inherently formal shape, this material will add to the robust and textured aesthetic of this design. The use of elaborate glass finishings, cabinetry and accents throughout will also add a sense of dimensionality.

Glass Doors and Windows


Bohemian interior design styles are founded on more nomadic appearances, that showcase a vibrant and bold personality. Capturing a more carefree nature, this style features creative uses of an avant-garde lifestyle. The key to Bohemian styling is perfecting the “messy” look. Layering your textiles, including rugs, pillows and throws will add to the softened ambience of Bohemian interiors. Playing around with the adventurous energy of this style means displaying southwestern and Moroccan influences.

When furnishing and designing a Boho-chic space make use of numerous natural materials, including metallic pieces, wooden accents, animal hides and glass features. Glass will add a more on-trend element to the space whilst ensuring a sense of order in an otherwise ‘cluttered’ style. Glass will also help display all of the intricate features in the space.


As its name implies, minimalist designs follow a simpler, no-fuss principle. This style takes cognisance of modern aesthetics and simplifies it further. This interior design style trend started during the twentieth century with the delicate nature of Japanese stylings influencing this design. Often referred to as ‘works of art’, minimalistic spaces play on neutral shades throughout.

With a ‘less is more’ approach, minimalist designs consist of streamlines finishes, avoiding your more flamboyant pieces. This design style is perfect for those looking to emulate a cooler feel within a space. Incorporating glass into this interior style will help emphasises the clean, aerated and open feel of this design. It will also allow for a continuous flow from one room to the next, following the notion of continuity and openness.


Glass Doors and Windows

This interior design style became popular during the mid-’90s in city centre America. This look was influenced by individuals that converted old warehouses and manufacturing facilities into residential spaces. This included condos, lofts and houses. It, therefore, finds itself revisiting turn-of-the-century- industrial eras. Industrial interiors emphasise an unfinished rawness that is seen in various aspects, including unplastered brick walls, exposed pipes and unfinished paint. Instead of covering up the remnants of the industrial space, this design style celebrates them.

Adding glass elements as a means of industrial décor will add to the mature and rustic appeal of this style. Glass will also aid in emphasising the distressed and exposed elements found in the space.

This material will also add a sense of delicacy to a style that can at times come across as slightly cold. Glass will also contribute to the creation of large sectionals in this space and complement the use of antique and utilitarian features.


Contemporary interiors are not only current but are continuously evolving. The fluidity of this style, therefore, continues to make it one of the most favoured designs. This design features the use of a few intricate detailings. Its aesthetics are, therefore, borrowed from the clean-lined materials used. Contemporary spaces balance both practicalities and beauty.

This interior design style maximises its comfort and plush appeal with the addition of glass. The addition of glass will not only add a sense of timelessness but add texture, varied angles and help embody the uncomplicated character of this style. Glass elements will also make a much-needed artistic statement while contributing to the open layout of contemporary spaces.

Glass Doors and Windows

Embrace a new interior design style in 2020 by incorporating more textural elements into your space such as glass. With an array of applications, glass will allow you to fully embrace your new aesthetics in numerous ways. Book a consultation with us by clicking here. Or click here to view our product catalogue.