It is only natural that the current nationwide lockdown will have you over-assessing your home and more often than not it’s your kitchen that is first to undergo scrutiny. Now while it is hard to assess the level of attention that the ‘heart of the home’ requires, it goes without saying that adding a few glass features to your kitchen will completely transform it.

The interior material of choice

Material choices make all the difference when choosing to upgrade your kitchen. Not only will it act as a means of décor but help improve the functionality and flow of the space. Given the sheer importance of the kitchen, matching a complementary material becomes crucial. Glass will actively brighten and enhance this space and highlight its existing features.


It is important to create a space that allows for both staff and clients to feel welcomed. Often described by our clients as modern and presentable, glass’s aesthetic professionalism creates an environment that people want to be a part of.

The transparent nature of the glass ultimately suggests transparency in the workplace. The open visibility of this material therefore inherently reflects honesty and directness. A good relationship with your clients is vital and displaying that you have a ‘nothing to hide’ ethos will enhance client trust and boost your company’s bottom line.

The liquidity of style can also take on the essence of your business. Whether you want to emanate a refined corporate look and feel with elegant simplicity or boast a creative flair with patterned, tinted, and textured designs— the office can be an immediate extension of your business’s values and purpose.

Glass Doors

Cost Efficiency

Glass is the more cost-conscious and environmentally friendly option. Glass–partitioned walls allow for natural light to flow throughout the workplace— reducing the need for artificial lighting which, in turn, will lower your electricity bills while simultaneously reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

Glass partitioning is also substantially lower in cost than that of a more traditional wall. Glass walls and partitions are not only cost-effective when it comes to their initial design and construction, but their inherent flexibility allows for an easy and inexpensive remodelling.  


Glass partitioning has been known to increase worker productivity whilst still offering a sense of privacy and solitude without isolation.

Natural light in the workplace has been known to increase employee work rates. A recent study found that there was an 84 percent decrease in eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision when workers were exposed to natural lighting in their office space. It, therefore, becomes evident that natural lighting increases the health and mood of all staff. Implementing glass partitioning will not only brighten up the workplace but your workers.


Where healthcare facilities are opting to switch to glass partitioning in order to enhance infection control, office spaces should also look towards this future.

It is no secret that the Covid-19 outbreak has had damaging repercussions on businesses everywhere. As governments urge people to self-quarantine, companies suffer as a result as not all jobs can be performed remotely. Therefore, it is important to take precautions within the workplace.

Glass is one of the simplest materials to clean and disinfect and by assembling glass partitioning between workspaces, you can create a safe and sterile environment for employees.

Glass offices
  • The Covid-19 came as a surprise; therefore, provisions should be put in place in order to control or prevent any future diseases that may occur.

    As the business world leans towards environmentally- friendly options without the forfeit of aesthetic appeal, funds, productivity and health—glass in the office is proving to be the most practical and visually pleasing design element today.

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