It is no secret that glass is a powerful architectural tool used to open and modernise interiors. Particularly in residential spaces. Whether you are looking to aerate your closet-sized bedroom or create visual flows within your boudoir, glass is the way to go. To fuel your creativity and design inspirations, we have compiled a list of glass designs that will prove that the bedroom really is where the magic happens.

Glass partitions

Contrary to popular belief, this glass structure does not only belong in corporate office spaces. It also makes the perfect addition to your bedroom! Glass partitions are created to decorate and divide, making them ideal for smaller rooms. These dividers are also useful in bedrooms that could benefit from more light and space.

Illuminate your bedroom by incorporating this transparent beauty into various parts of your bedroom. Use it to cordon off your bathroom instead of having a chunky wooden door. Glass partitions are also great to cordon off a section of your bedroom to use as closet space.

Glass cabinet and closet

Glass cabinets aren’t just for your kitchen cabinet where you display your fancier crockery. This glass option effortlessly suits your bedroom space and continues to dominate more modern design phenomenons. The use of glass suggests openness and minimalist style. The set-up of this structure allows it to easily fit into most spaces.

This design however only works for those who are able to keep their closets tidy. If you know that organisation isn’t your strong suit, we suggest going for a tinted or frosted glass instead.

Glass sliding doors

Sliding doors are the perfect transitional piece. They allow a seamless flow from your outdoor area to your bedroom. The large glass panes also give homage to the natural aesthetics of your immediate landscape. Natural light is also welcomed through this system.

For residential spaces, glass doors with aluminium seals and integrated lock systems are crucial. Safety continues to be a priority at Aluview, and the design of our sliding doors ensures that various security elements are put in place.

Glass roofs

Is there really a better way to fall asleep than with a view of the stars? When thinking of a dream space, we envision a glass roof. This may seem a little bit excessive but even a mere skylight has many benefits. Glass roofs or skylights will completely transform the feel of your bedroom. By adding glass to a low ceiling, you are not only introducing natural light but giving the illusion of being outdoors and your room being extended upwards.

Coloured, stained or etched glass

Although this isn’t exactly a glass system and is more of an artistic choice, it is certainly worth mentioning. For some, plain glass can come across as a little boring. Add a little drama, colour and character to your bedroom with coloured, stained or etched glass – take your pick! What’s great is that you can add it to any area in your bedroom, so have fun with it. These various types of glass also boast natural light enhancements and a more visual appeal.

Allow your bedroom to reflect your personal taste, expressive designs and architectural magnifique by adding glass to this space. With a plethora of benefits, we don’t see why you wouldn’t. Give your bedroom a versatile glass theme by clicking here.