Most homeowners will tell you that a room with a view is ultimately the dream. Whether it’s a view of the famous South African sunset, bustling city skyline or tranquil ocean view, houses with unabated views continue to trump the market.

The extravagant use of glass has, therefore, become an essential architectural tool used to showcase these landscapes. Now while many designs use large glass windows, for access to those picturesque views, glass doors are taking this a step further.

Glass entryways

When you think of doors the first thing that comes to mind is the separation of one space from another. However, with glass doors, this separation comes with a visual link that creates a harmonious flow between spaces. Interior designers, architects and door specialists alike understand the need for modern areas to take on a trendy, healthy and aerated appeal and how glass doors help achieve this.

Glass Doors

Benefits of glass doors

Brilliantly transparent

One of the most attractive elements of a glass door is its aesthetic allure. Its ability to seamlessly blend into the interior design style of any space increases its favour. This intricate design also contributes to current architectural trends as it adds silent communication between various spaces. Particularly that of your outdoor environment. The transparent nature of this material means that it quickly becomes an ever-changing canvas for both your exteriors and interiors.

Brings in a sense of fun

Glass sliding doors have an inherent fun about them. The concept of being unconstrained brings a sense of excitement. The construction of our glass doors is based on providing protection without taking away the freedom of countless visual stimuli.

Border blurring

Depending on your use of our glass sliding doors, you are able to change the appearance of physical boundaries. This is particularly useful in local settings with our drastic weather patterns. Experience the benefits of keeping out the harsh elements whilst still being allowed to view its beauty, with a glass door. Access to the gentle spring warmth and the allure of the early summer sun without direct exposure are offered at the hands of our glass designs.

Increased space

One aspect of glass sliding doors that cannot be overlooked is its ability to save up on space. This makes it ideal for not only elaborate bedroom suites and lavish penthouse living but smaller studio apartments. Add a little more legroom that will completely open up your space at the mere slide of a panel.


Glass sliding doors are the epitome of play. From sliding to stacking, frosted and tinted, Aluview offers an array of designs for our clients to choose from. Make your glass structures an ode to your creativity by personalising the look of your glass door. The key here is to make it your own.

Boost the value of your home

When it comes to home improvements, very few home upgrades meet the stature of glass sliding doors. Not only is this improvement loved for its aesthetic value but its high return on investment. Increase the profitability of your humble abode by redesigning your space with glass-related projects.

Eco-friendly decorating

As more of us embrace more eco-conscious living, ensuring that your home protects the area in which it finds itself in. By placing our glass sliding doors into your home, not only are you reducing your carbon footprint but ensuring that your home is a healthier environment for your family.

Glass Doors and Windows

With a selection of ergonomic, unique and delicately designed glass-styled glass doors for your home, picking a complementary design has never been easier.

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