Buying a new home, renovating an older one or simply just doing general maintenance can sometimes be overwhelming.  There are many decisions you need to make in this time about which materials will best suit your space. Thankfully however, there may be one decision that you don’t need to put much thought into. When it comes to fitting your windows with the right materials, the best choice has got to be aluminium. Whether you need new windows or to replace older ones, fitting this versatile material is a breeze.

Why Choose Aluminium?

Windows are an important feature to any home. They provide aesthetic appeal and natural light, which greatly impacts the feeling you get when walking into a room.  Windows also have to withstand plenty of abuse from outside elements like wind and heavy rain.

In order to rely on your windows for many years, they need the right tools for the job. There are a number of reasons why aluminium windows are used the most frequently in new construction these days. Happy homeowners in South Africa can vouch for the following features of aluminium:


If you want to add value to your home, aluminium windows are a great place to start. When aluminium is properly installed to fit correctly, the result is a clean, modern and streamline look.  This addition to your window is highly sought after by homebuyers, as it gives the home modern appeal. While wood finishes can also be a popular option, it often be depicted as more traditional and sometimes outdated. The look of wood can also depend heavily on the installer’s attention to detail. An inexperienced installer or a rushed installation can be problematic to your look.

Aluminium can also be customised to fit your home style in a number of ways. A large variety of colours, finishes and styles can be chosen to match your existing look and feel. This ability to customise aluminium also allows for various shapes and styles of your windows. It can even account for the toughest, most unusual openings.

The material is flexible and robust, which means that you can opt for slimmer frames that take up less space on the glass. This means a bigger window (in terms of available glass space) that allows for more light intake and therefore greater value.

With a simple clean, your aluminium windows will keep their sheen and stay in great condition for years. No need to worry about the quality and look fading with time. This offers homeowners relief that they don’t have to worry about rust, something that often occurs in steel frames.

The Functional Difference of Material

If there is one thing that can be said of aluminium, it’s that it is extremely durable. The material offers a strong frame that lasts over and above other materials in its category. In comparison to wood, aluminium is not affected by changes in the environment. This means that while wood is prone to warping with the change of temperature, aluminium is unaffected. Humidity and water can also cause wood frames damage, sometimes to the extent that a replacement would be required. This is especially true for extremely humid climates, as in some cases in South Africa. The use of wood also increases your chances of rot and decay, which isn’t a concern for aluminium windows.

With aluminium, weather will not affect your window frames and therefore make them virtually maintenance-free. Aluminium also requires less maintenance than steel, as steel requires regular checks and frequent treatments. This is due to the occurrence of rust and corrosion, which is an inevitable factor with steel. Steel frames are also heavier in comparison to aluminium, making them more difficult to open and close.

Overall, aluminium fairs better across every weather pattern and seasonal event. The frames remain protected over a longer period of time and give you one less thing to worry about.

Energy Efficiency

Whether you are environmentally conscious or just looking to cut down on energy bills; aluminium can help you with both. During those cold winter months you are more likely to have the heater on, therefore using much more power. The last thing you need is for cold air to creep through every window. Unfortunately, this is the case with steel frames, as they do not have thermal breaks. Aluminium with the correct triple-glazing applied and thermal breaks installed can supply higher insulation than steel frames.

Being conscious of insulation will help to lower your energy bills too. With less cold air let-in, the space will require less heat and therefore use less energy. When you use aluminium you can expect to save money on household energy efficiency. You will also add your contribution to the conservation of environmental resources.

The Cost Difference

Wood framing could save you the same as aluminium in terms of energy efficiency.  However, the initial cost of purchase and installation is much higher. As a general rule, aluminium is a way more cost effective option for window frames than wood.

Wood also requires regular painting, glazing or varnishing, making your maintenance costs an additional consideration. Aluminium is also widely available, making it the South African markets most cost-effective option.

Steel frame costs also surpass the cost of aluminium, due to the high cost of steel as a raw material.

Not only is steel more expensive, but a full breakout to replace steel can add up too. When you install aluminium window frames through a company like Aluview, you will save on the cost of having to breakout the existing window. Aluview is able to replace windows by removing the glass entirely. They then grind out the guts of the windows until only the outer frame remains. The new aluminium frame then required a cap on the out-frame before the new frames can be installed. While this installation requires more time, it can save you the costs of having to re-plaster or re-paint.

Overall, the cost of window replacement will depend on many different factors. These factors can include the number of windows in your home, the style and the type of material you use.

Aluminium offers the perfect solution to a stress-free window frame. With its lower costs, easy maintenance and clean look, it provides homeowners with everything they need.