When your kitchen is in need of a little revamp and redo, it’s hard to know where to start. You could replace your cabinets and countertops – a great, but not-so-cost-effective option. The same can be said for replacing your old appliances for something modern and fresh. One instant change that requires minimal effort and costs a whole lot less than replacing the rest of your kitchen is upgrading your old splashbacks. It’s the modern kitchen essential that can affect the whole look of your kitchen.

A splashback is a focal point feature but still has to have a timeless appeal – don’t treat this as a statement piece that could go out of fashion. This is why we recommend glass as the number one pick for splashbacks. Here are just a few reasons glass splashbacks are an absolute kitchen must-have.

Getting the Look

Glass splashbacks work particularly well for the modern kitchen. If clean lines and a contemporary feel is your thing, look no further. Glass is also a reflective surface, which brings light into the space and brightens up the room. This reflection also makes the space appear larger – perfect for a tight fit kitchen. You can even enhance this effect with the use of lighting to get that great shine.

Glass splashbacks can also be used to define and shape a space, without having to segment it completely. Instead of using a solid wall to separate a space, glass offers a clear and elegant alternative.

Perfect Practicality

One thing you should always consider when designing a kitchen space is practicality. You are going to spend most of your time preparing and cooking food – there will be the occasional mess. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to clean splattered spaghetti sauce from the grouting of a tile splashback. It’s not the most hygienic option either.

If you opted for acrylic splashbacks, you couldn’t install them directly above the stove without additional heat protection. Glass, on the other hand, offers an easy to clean, heat resistant splashback – the most practical option for the kitchen space. This way, you won’t have to worry about too much maintenance and repair from the damages of dirt or heat.

Choices for Every Taste

The streamlined look of plain glass can enhance just about any space. But if you are looking for a pop of colour or a dash of design, there are choices for you too. Glass can come in a variety of colours, patterns and finishes through the use of paint and coating solutions. You can easily match your glass to your desired design. You could use it to add a pop of colour to your clean and neutral black and white kitchen. Or, it could include an interesting pattern with the use of technologies such as:

  • DIP-tech – a system where a colour or pattern (virtually any image you want) is printed onto glass
  • Silk screening- where a basic colour is baked into the glass
  • Vinyl- a stick-on pattern that can be applied to glass for the desired effect

The design choices are endless. Plus, no matter the colour of your splashback, you’ll still get that light and bright appeal.

The Easy Installation

Renovations can be a lengthy process. At least using a glass splashback will save you some time. It’s a far easier installation process than with tile or stone, with no additional specific tools needed. In the case of unique kitchen shape, you can fit glass into tight corners or unusual spaces – considered nearly impossible with other materials.

Once it’s installed, the likelihood of replacement or maintenance soon after is small. Most often, glass goes through a toughening process before installation to ensure that it won’t break easily. Toughened glass is even used in restaurants and office spaces for its durability and aesthetic appeal. For the homeowner, this means more time spent cooking in your new kitchen – instead of fixing it up. Low maintenance and easier installation also mean glass is more cost effective than many other options. This is especially true in the long term of a kitchen’s lifespan.

A glass splashback is an architectural feature that enhances the look and function of any home. If you are looking to benefit from the effects of a glass splashback, let Aluview help you realise its full potential.

Which features of a glass splashback are your favourite?