Clear glass partitioning has eliminated traditional dark dingy cubicles where colleagues need to wheel their way around a dusty partitioning to ask a question. Organisations should be focusing on motivating employees to ensure that they thrive in the workplace – increasing productivity.

Offices need natural light, transparency, camaraderie, silence for uninterrupted focus and a touch of beauty.

Here is why implementing glass partitioning in the office will allow for these needs to be fulfilled:


We all know that dooming feeling of being stuck under florescent lights with dark partitioning around us. That lonely, claustrophobic feeling makes the walls feel like they are closing in on you during that daily 9-5 grind. Enter glass partitioning – and with it, light… and space – bonus!

The natural light and space created by glass partitioning directly impacts productivity. When employees feel like they have space, creative juices start flowing and productivity increases dramatically. Natural light increases positivity and allows employees to enjoy working – increasing employee satisfaction. The overall light and illusion of space provided not only increases productivity, but promotes the better overall wellbeing of employees.


With controversy, distrust and an increase in the demand for corporate credibility within the business sector in South Africa – and in fact, globally, transparency is indeed a key aspect to maintain. South African citizens are on full alert trying to find a Gupta in the haystack and that is why companies should promote an open, transparent atmosphere so that clients and staff can feel at ease.

When a client walks into offices with glass partitioning they automatically feel more secure knowing that not only can they see what is happening ‘behind closed doors’, but it signifies open communication channels, credibility and trust. As a first impression, clients feel that they are dealing with a trustworthy company.

Transparency isn’t just for clients to feel at ease, it is also necessary for employee retention. Employees need to feel like they can trust their superiors. Glass partitioning breaks down traditional bureaucratic and hierarchical structures – opening communication channels while increasing employee engagement, participation and promoting successful feedback loops.


The relationship amongst employees is crucial for any company. When employees get along and have good professional relationships with one another, productivity increases. Good relationships are difficult to form when there is separation between employees.

Glass partitioning defines work areas without actually separating employees – allowing them to feel like they are all in one team. This modern team dynamic boosts employees’ motivation to work. People also tend to communicate and discuss topics with people who they see more often. Although employees are still physically separated by the glass partitioning, they have a sense of familiarity which makes meetings far more creative and productive.

Often in large, traditional office spaces, entire departments themselves may be open-plan but they don’t can’t see, never mind engage with members from other departments. Glass partitioning increases the chance of all employees being familiar with one another. There’s nothing more awkward than bumping into someone in the cafeteria whom you’ve never seen before but actually works on the same floor as you – for the same company.


Although glass partitioning creates an open and comfortable channel of communication, it also decreases unproductive discussion during working hours. Glass provides offices with a more soundproof environment so that there are less distractions. Soundproofing also allows for a sense of privacy which makes employees feel in control of their stations.

Studies have proven time and time again that productivity flourishes in attractive environments. Sticking with the dark, boxy structure of a typical office reduces motivation and therefore companies are left with more staff turnover and less profits. For a company to succeed, employees must want to work. Providing employees with a beautiful, lit and open workplace will increase motivation and allow employees to thrive.

Glass partitioning in offices prove to increase employee motivation, productivity and overall profits. Get on top of the competition and add that glass partition.