The art of winemaking could be considered a science, depending on how you look at it. Whichever definition you choose, winemaking is definitely a process that requires a lot of precision and consistency. The end result of the taste of your wine also depends heavily on wine storage and handling.

Before your Wine Arrives

Wine should be handled carefully from the day it’s made to the moment it’s poured into your glass. This careful consideration helps to maintain a rich taste and age appropriately. Unfortunately, there are a lot of inconsistencies involved in wine handling, especially after it leaves the winery. Wine is very sensitive to various conditions such as vibration, heat, and humidity, which can sometimes be unavoidable during transportation. However, from the time the wine is placed in your careful hands, you can help to preserve the perfection of taste in your own cellar.

The Regular Cellar

When it comes to cellaring wine, the consistency of absolutely everything in the room needs to be maintained, something all wine collectors and experts across the world can affirm. The key word is regulation; in the terms of both temperature and humidity. This means that from the first to the last day, wine should be kept at a consistent temperature and humidity. Exposure to the wrong temperatures or humidity, for even a short period of time, can easily cause undesired chemical reactions. These reactions often yield different results in the taste and value of your wine.

Climate Control Options to Consider

Traditionally, the good old basement cellar was the only option when it came to the storage of good wine. This always required minimal supervision and effort by wine enthusiasts. However, depending on where you live, the temperatures and humidity in the basement might not be very friendly to your wine. South African summers can be especially trying on fine wine. Luckily, there are various solutions available on the market today ranging from installable humidifiers to climate controlled glass cellars complete with everything you may need.

Glass Wine Cellars: The Connoisseurs Best Friend

Glass wine cellars are often favorites as they are not only pleasant to look at, but also functional. With a good provider, they can be sealed entirely using magnetic strips, polycarbonate seals or silicone for better climate control.

The construction of a viable glass wine cellar can be relatively quick and easy if constructed by experts in the field. These experts not only accommodate your climate control options, but can also advise on the best options to include.

A poorly constructed wine cellar might not keep the optimal temperatures and humidity required to preserve wine. During construction of a glass wine cellar, it is important to consider the design, engineering and of course the materials used. You need a well-sealed glass wine cellar in order to maintain the ideal humidity and temperature that avoids excessive condensation.

No More Mold, Bacteria and Mildew

Condensation occurs as a result of temperature differences between the inside and outside of the wine cellar, and is inevitable in any wine cellar. However, the problem comes with maintaining an appropriate amount of condensation. Too much moisture can cause issues with mold and bacteria spreading throughout your home. The most sterile solutions to avoid mold spread is a glass cellar, because it doesn’t allow for mold growth like stone or wood might.  Glass cellars condensation can also be controlled with a variety of different gadgets that are specialized in the aid of this problem.

Upscale Your Environment

Your wine should be kept in the best possible conditions, to age and mature correctly without absorbing the wrong flavours and smells from its environment. This does not mean your cellar has to look like a scientific experiment either. Glass cellars can be a feature point in your home or restaurant, specifically customized to create beautiful aesthetic additions to any space. Glass can be tailor-made to suit the needs of different spaces, while still maintaining their functional purpose. These solutions will also always have to adhere to safety and building regulations.

If you are considering putting in a new cellar into your house to store your prized wine collection, or even just looking for an aesthetic addition to your home, a glass cellar could be for you. Don’t stress about all the potentially overwhelming technical aspects that go into creating the perfect  cellar, as there are companies like Aluview who have a strong track record in creating these perfectly. Let them take care of the details, while you admire your new focal point attraction.