Whether you are upgrading your home or simply looking for a viable option for the windows and doors of your new property, aluminium is the only answer, and here’s why:-

As leaders in the market for aluminium windows and aluminium doors for over 30 years, we believe it would be inconsiderate of us not to share with you our expertise and knowledge of just how beneficial this material can be for your property – both long term and short term.

Below are just a few reasons why aluminium is the best choice:

  • Low maintenance and durable – aluminium is corrosion resistant and robust which makes it virtually maintenance free. Being water resistant it is also able to withstand long-term exposure to harsh elements. Unlike wooden windows and doors, aluminium varieties will not suffer damage from rain and sun exposure and certainly won’t need to be varnished or treated in the years that follow installation. Your aluminium windows and doors won’t crack, split or warp with time.
  • Affordable – aluminium is known to be stronger than both wood and PVC alternatives. It is relatively cost-effective to purchase and the fact that it requires no further maintenance or care means that you save on costs. Other window and door options will need regular and ongoing maintenance, which is an additional cost to the initial expense of the window or door.
  • Various finishes – you won’t be limited when choosing aluminium windows and aluminium doors. They are typically powder coated during the manufacturing process and this powder coating is available in a variety of colours and finishes. This will make it simpler to tie your new windows and doors in with your current décor.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly – aluminium is an environmentally sustainable material. When compared with other metal types, it is easily recycled – in fact the recycling process of aluminium requires very little energy. This alone makes aluminium a very popular choice.