Is your open plan office starting to look drab and cluttered? Would you and your team members enjoy just a bit more privacy and a more professional looking working environment? If you would like to incorporate some privacy and separation in your office, without compromising your open and bright office design, then glass office partitions are the answer.

Glass, Light and Functionality?
Glass interior walls have fast become a popular choice for on-trend office spaces that want to enhance aesthetic appeal and provide better privacy for productive employees. Glass partitions provide a modern and sophisticated elegance and are often installed in open plan office spaces looking to capitalise on natural light.

The type of office glass partitions that you opt for will determine the overall look and feel of your workspace. First and foremost, consider what your preferences and needs are. Consider the aesthetics, privacy, security and productivity of your environment when looking at the various glass partition options. You will find that office glass partitions are already popular in hotels, hospitals, banks, shopping malls and so on, and there is a wide selection of glass types to choose from that will determine just how functional your glass partition is such as:

• Toughened glass panes
• Toned glass
• Laminated glass and even
• Coloured glass

You can also choose between wooden and aluminium profiles.

If you’re looking to invest in glass partitions that are practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing, it’s best to chat to your glass professionals at Aluview. We can assist you with custom designed office glass partitions that specifically cater to your needs.

At Aluview we specialise in glass wall panels and partitions for the corporate and hotel environment and we can also assist you with design, fitment and repair tasks too.

For more information and advice on glass partitions for the work environment, contact us at Aluview via email or telephone today.