Large folding sliding glass doors haven’t been around for long as it took new state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures to make them affordable. A home renovation technique that was once only available to the aristocratic or the wealthy has now opened its doors to everyone – literally. The ClearView folding glass doors offer unobtrusive and sleek designs that are guaranteed to add beauty to any home or business.

What is a folding door?
ClearView folding doors are unique and custom made in order to meet the needs and specifications of the individual homes that they will be gracing. These doors are made up of unconnected and moveable panels that can be completely opened and folded on the side.

How wide can my folding door be?
These sliding glass doors can be made to fit almost any opening, as the unique folding system allows for any combination of odd number panels to be installed.

Are the folding sliding doors easy to open and close?
Our Doors are hinged together to create a practical folding system, which allows for the systems to be opened and closed in one smooth action. This makes it open-friendly to both men and women, and to users of all ages.

Do they fold out of the way?
Our hinges are manufactured in house and are made from the finest quality Stainless Steel. This enables our doors to fold into a small compact area – there is only 25mm of distance between each pane of glass.

Are they weather resistant and safe?
The answer is yes. ClearView folding glass doors and frameless sliding glass doors have been designed to endure South Africa’s constantly shifting weather conditions. The frames are hinged together to create a folding system that is sealed all round and the top and bottom tracks have been precisely engineered to allow for tight sealing. This prevents leakages by ensuring that no amount of wind or water is able to penetrate the interior.

Notably, ClearView’s folding doors are made entirely from safety glass and the tracks can be powder coated to match the décor of the home, as well as any existing windows and doors.

ClearView sliding and folding doors are authentically pleasing and are definitely a must-have addition to any home. They are innovatively designed and allow for you to open up your home or business onto a whole new world. Furthermore, ClearView’s team of experts are there to provide top quality service and immaculate installations of your stacking doors. For more information on these and other products, contact us today at