The only thing better than possessing an extensive wine collection, would be having the perfect wine cellar to display it all in. Glass Wine Cellars offer both convenience and beauty, and are fit for both experienced wine experts and fresh new enthusiasts. A practical wine cellar should showcase functionality and style to every extent. With Aluview’s strong track record you can rest assured that they will provide endless possibilities for a wine cellar that is tailor made to suit your preferences.

The Glass Difference 
A glass-enclosed wine cellar is often the preferred choice amongst wine connoisseurs, owing to its sophistication, extravagance and timeless appeal. Any wine expert knows that creating the ideal storage conditions is essential when collecting expensive bottles of wine. With this in mind, glass wine cellars are designed to maximise refrigeration, providing extensive humidification benefits. When sealed, the glass will provide full insulation, a benefit that is perfectly matched by the cellar’s beauty and practicality. This will ensure that your cellar remains the focal point of any room, and if this isn’t enough, incorporating LED lighting into the cellar will stage an even more enchanting quality.

Practicality and Beauty
Owing to its clear appearance and brilliant lustre, glass is able to amplify the beauty of the cellar’s contents. The glass will accentuate the outstanding features of the wood or contrasting material that you’ve selected to house your wines, and when combined with Aluview’s silkscreen patterns and sandblasting you will be able to conjure up many stunning combinations for your wine cellar. Our glass is treated with a non-stick surface application for improved maintenance, practicality, and endless transparency. This will ensure that the wines in your glass-enclosed cellar remain beautifully displayed in a stable environment and in complete view at all times.

If you are a fan of good wine and excellent displays then give us a call on (011) 524 0413 and allow us to design a cellar that is unique to your lifestyle and a focal point of your home.