Balustrades are a vital component for many architectural designs – not only for aesthetic reasons but from a safety aspect as well. Often they’re taken for granted or not thought of at all.

What is a balustrade?

A balustrade is a structural element to or in a building. It consists of various materials – glass, stainless steel, mild steel, timber or even concrete. Balustrades are found on balconies, staircases, atriums and double volume areas in buildings. The main function of a balustrade is to prevent people from falling off of staircases, balconies and any areas that are higher than 1meter off the ground. Balustrades come in various designs with different materials and can be installed in various ways.

Types of balustrades:

  • Stainless steel and Aluminium
    • High quality brushed stainless steel
    • Long-lasting durability and low maintenance
    • We use excellent quality (316 marine grade and 304 grade for the Highveld) brushed stainless
    • Mounts are galvanised and fixed using class-leading FischerTM epoxies
    • The classic look with contemporary industrial design
    • A perfect way to elevate the exterior look of a building and value at the same time
  • Side Mount
    • Made with toughened glass – creates an air of lightness to the architectural design
    • Side mount balustrading is both functional and unobtrusive
    • Use of single sheet (12 or 15mm) glass- maximises the amount of floor space available
    • The use of monolithic glass (a single sheet of toughened glass) avoids the common problems of moisture ingress and bubbling associated with laminate glasses (more than one glass sheet)
      • more practical
      • longer lasting
      • durable
    • Recessed Floor Mount
      • Combines sleek and sophisticated beauty with practical functionality
      • Toughened safety-glass balustrades
      • The seamless panels can be;
        • side mounted into walls
        • recess channel mounted
        • clamp mounted from the floor

Safety aspects to consider:

Your safety is a priority, therefore when selecting your Balustrade supplier, consider these important facts;

  • It is the responsibility of any builder, architect or property owner to ensure the safety of anyone using their property
  • Technical expertise is required to safely design and install balustrades
  • Cheaper designs and installation may lead to dire consequences
  • A pool fence is necessary to ensure the safety of children and animals around a pool area – glass balustrades are a good option to enclose swimming pools
  • Our glass meets all requirements as set out by AAAMSA
  • The minimum height for any balustrade is 1000mm from the finished floor level
  • All balustrades surrounding a pool area carries a minimum height restriction of 1200mm
  • Gaps between the glass panels may not exceed 100mm

Balustrades may seem inconsequential when we are just passing them by but they are incredibly necessary. These finer details can create a sophisticated and unique look to your design but they are incredibly useless in keeping people safe.