How installing a glass shopfront is highly beneficial to your business

Your shopfront is an essential decision when building your business space. It’s the first thing customers will notice about you, and a first impression makes a big difference. Glass is the ideal material for a number of different business spaces, from retail to restaurants, office boardrooms to hotels. Here are our reasons why glass makes the best shopfront on the market:

Easy cleaning

Hygiene is one of those things that will put a customer off really quickly when it’s not done the right way. It is very noticeable when you’ve got grimy, dirty tiles or stains on the walls. Glass, on the other hand, is the easiest material to keep clean. Glass does not hold onto or absorb dirt the way that other materials do – instead it simply takes a quick wipe for the dust to disappear.

This is extremely beneficial to most businesses, but especially shops that serve food – where bacteria could cause serious health risks and hygiene is key. While your customers may not notice when your shopfront is squeaky clean, they certainly will notice when it’s not, so having an easy to clean surface is essential for customer experience.

Easy maintenance

Glass also requires little to no maintenance over the years. Unlike surfaces like wood or concrete, glass doesn’t require varnishing or painting. This helps save you both time and money. It is also better in various weather conditions, so if your shop is exposed to outdoor elements, the glass will fair better over time.

Effective display and advertising

How do you show off your products or services in an enclosed space? Glass allows you to advertise your products to the outside world, encourage window shopping, and attract people inside. Glass allows you to easily showcase deals, sales and offers, new product ranges, and much more, before your customers even walk through the door. When your customers see the store and think “ I wonder what’s going on in there”, it will draw in more foot traffic and therefore, increase your bottom-line.

A spacious feeling

Glass, light and reflection are all things that contribute toward the perception of a larger space. If your shop is smaller in size, the best way to maximise space is with the use of glass. Your shop will seem lighter and brighter, with more space to move around. It will help your customers feel more comfortable and therefore spend more time in your store.

Improved aesthetic and shop value

Glass looks better overall, and will, therefore, increase your shop’s value for when you move on to a different space. There are many different types of glass shop-fronts you can choose to suit your business needs.

Aluview has developed some of the best shop-frontage systems in the industry; from folding and stacking glass panes to solid glass walling. Single to multiple-layered shatterproof glass can be utilised along with specialised sand-blasting as well as several techniques to add images to your glass frontage.

We can also create sound-proofed glass walling, ideal for restaurants and shops that are situated in busy thoroughfares and malls. Our SABS quality glass is durable and attractive, exuding to quality and elegance to prospective shoppers. If you are interested in getting a quote or want a little more information- contact us now.