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Glass: applicable to all interior design styles

What’s not to love about the sleek, light-boosting and space-enhancing aesthetic of glass?

Often perceived as a more practical element of architecture, glass continues to prove itself to be a vital player in interior design. The natural glazing and structural design of glass warrants a basic appreciation for its ability to play a more decorative role in your space.

Glass: a clear winner

Take a look around your space. How much glass do you see?

Glass often has a greater presence in our spaces than we think. The material regularly acts as a harmonious element between various spaces; making it one of the most used materials in both design and construction. Its ability to lend itself to a myriad of elements in both contemporary and traditional stylings makes its versatility favoured.

Glass is known to fit all interiors, regardless of style or theme. Not only does it keep a space airy and bright but compliments all colour schemes. The addition of glass in your space is the epitome of class and status, that’s achieved with minimal effort or upheaval. It will allow you to enrich your space and spark a creative flair. Incorporating glass into your existing space will give it the stylish, versatile and visual upgrade that it deserves.

Versatility of glass

Even with its plethora of purposes, glass can often be overlooked when customizing home interiors. Its versatile character is rooted in its natural flexibility, appeal and ability to become an eye-catching accent. It offers […]


All There is to Know About Home Renovations

A home renovation is stressful and frustrating but with the right advice, contractor and plan – it doesn’t have to be. We’re going to identify all the steps to follow and give you the full run-down on everything you need to know about home renovations.

What is a renovation?

The term renovation is often confused with remodelling and restoring. For a successful renovation, clear communication between owner, contractor, and architect is critical. Understanding the correct terminology is the best place to start;


Remodelling is often used to describe any kind of change to an existing house. Technically, it’s more accurate to say that remodel means to change the structure or form of a whole house or a portion of a house. For example, when you combine a kitchen and dining room into one large eat-in kitchen you’re remodelling the kitchen and dining room.


Renovating is a more specific term that means to literally make something new again. An out-of-date kitchen, updated with new finishes and fixtures, has been renovated.


Restoring a house is the opposite of a renovation. Instead of updating your home, you revert the house back to its original state.

This may seem obvious but these terms often get confused and misused so it’s important to completely understand what you need and want before you start.

7 Steps to follow

Renovations are the best way to increase your home’s resale value and keep your home up-to-date with modern designs. Keep the entire process as simple as possible by following these steps;

1.  […]


Balustrading: Why small details make a big difference

Balustrades are a vital component for many architectural designs – not only for aesthetic reasons but from a safety aspect as well. Often they’re taken for granted or not thought of at all.

What is a balustrade?

A balustrade is a structural element to or in a building. It consists of various materials – glass, stainless steel, mild steel, timber or even concrete. Balustrades are found on balconies, staircases, atriums and double volume areas in buildings. The main function of a balustrade is to prevent people from falling off of staircases, balconies and any areas that are higher than 1meter off the ground. Balustrades come in various designs with different materials and can be installed in various ways.

Types of balustrades:

  • Stainless steel and Aluminium
    • High quality brushed stainless steel
    • Long-lasting durability and low maintenance
    • We use excellent quality (316 marine grade and 304 grade for the Highveld) brushed stainless
    • Mounts are galvanised and fixed using class-leading FischerTM epoxies
    • The classic look with contemporary industrial design
    • A perfect way to elevate the exterior look of a building and value at the same time
  • Side Mount
    • Made with toughened glass – creates an air of lightness to the architectural design
    • Side mount balustrading is both functional and unobtrusive
    • Use of single sheet (12 or 15mm) glass- maximises the amount of floor space available
    • The use of monolithic glass (a single sheet of toughened glass) avoids the common problems of moisture ingress and bubbling associated with laminate glasses (more than one glass sheet)
      • more […]

5 Advantages of a Glass Shopfront

How installing a glass shopfront is highly beneficial to your business

Your shopfront is an essential decision when building your business space. It’s the first thing customers will notice about you, and a first impression makes a big difference. Glass is the ideal material for a number of different business spaces, from retail to restaurants, office boardrooms to hotels. Here are our reasons why glass makes the best shopfront on the market:

Easy cleaning

Hygiene is one of those things that will put a customer off really quickly when it’s not done the right way. It is very noticeable when you’ve got grimy, dirty tiles or stains on the walls. Glass, on the other hand, is the easiest material to keep clean. Glass does not hold onto or absorb dirt the way that other materials do – instead it simply takes a quick wipe for the dust to disappear.

This is extremely beneficial to most businesses, but especially shops that serve food – where bacteria could cause serious health risks and hygiene is key. While your customers may not notice when your shopfront is squeaky clean, they certainly will notice when it’s not, so having an easy to clean surface is essential for customer experience.

Easy maintenance

Glass also requires little to no maintenance over the years. Unlike surfaces like wood […]


7 Different Types of Glass Shower Doors

How Choosing a Shower Door Option Can Change The Look of Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is second only to your kitchen when it comes to adding value to your home. It is one of the elements that homeowners are looking for when considering buying, and what will give you a large return on investment. The modern bathroom must contain a shower space – it has become an essential element when considering the layout of your bathroom. The look of this shower space is very dependent on the finishes – no one wants an outdated or uninviting bathroom space. The type of glass doors you install form part of this. Bathroom doors can be chosen for their appearance, their function or a good combination of the two. When you consider the doors on your shower, look at the following shower door types:

Based on Appearance:

Framed Shower Doors

A framed shower door has a more traditional feel and is a common choice in many bathrooms. This standard glass door option is great for large or heavy glass and is known for its durability and strength. This is especially true in the case of sliding or swinging door applications. The frame is usually made from materials that are easy to maintain in a typically damp environment, such as aluminium.

Frameless Shower Doors

The frameless shower door […]


How to get the most out of your bathroom accessories

Inside any well-designed bathroom, you will find a range of bathroom accessories varying from soap dispensers to shelving.These accessories are not only important for the design aesthetic, but also for the overall functionality of the space.

A simple misuse of a bathroom accessory leads to an impractical bathroom layout, and makes a small space seem cluttered and overcrowded.

How to decide on the right accessories for your bathroom

  1. To start off, take a good look at your bathroom and analyse the layout and space as a whole. Think of those common accessories used daily in this space – without these essential accessories such as a toilet-roll holder or a soap dish, we would have difficulties reaching the toilet paper behind us or struggle with soap sliding around the basin.
  2. Once you have chosen the type of accessories you need, it’s time to pick each one out according to your desired look and feel (not forgetting about your bathroom layout of course).
  3. Now that you have these accessories, keep a space in mind where they would be the most practical. For example; towel rails should be fitted within easy grabbing distance of the bath or shower, and other accessories such as shelving should not obstruct shower and cupboard doors from opening. Think of these accessories in terms of their contribution to maximising your bathroom space in order to maintain a neat, ordered look.

How to install your new bathroom accessories

There are a few important considerations to take into account when installing bathroom accessories:

  • Have […]

The Ins and Outs of Owning a Steam Shower

The days of using up all our energy to chase and hunt for our food in the great outdoors are over.  Our office jobs are considerably less active, and as hard as we try to make up for this in the gym, we can’t possibly meet our sweat demands. Sweating is important to our bodies to help us release all the bad toxins we carry. So how do we fix our lack of sweat in the 21st century? This is where the steam shower comes in.

You may have a steam shower at your local gym, spa or fitness centre. This is because steam showers offer plenty of benefits to health and well-being. This amenity is especially useful when located in the convenience of your own home. This way, one can enjoy the benefits of a steam shower more often, and in privacy. Here are just some of these benefits:

Health Benefits

As mentioned, our bodies need to sweat to release the toxins in our body. This detoxification process is just one of the numerous processes our bodies experience in a steam shower. Here are a few more health benefits you can experience by using the steam shower:

Our Skin

Using a steam shower can have very positive effects on our skin. It acts as a natural moisturiser due to the warm arm and hydration present in the air. This also works to open up clogged pores with help the skin breathe, and sweat out toxins. Open pores also allow oxygen, vitamins and minerals […]


How to Amplify Light Using Mirrors: Bright Home Design Ideas

Mirrors aren’t just a household accessory to help you get dressed in the mornings or check your hair one last time before heading out the door. Mirrors are also a key design feature for any home or business, because of their ability to bring extra light into any space. Adding a mirror in the right spot can transform a space into a bright and airy room you’ll want to spend a whole lot more time in. When used correctly, mirrors can enhance just about any interior or exterior design.

So how do you know if you’re adding a mirror in the perfect place? The following guidelines will help you decide the optimal spot for your mirrors, whether they are for your home or business.

Making the best use of your windows

The best areas to use a mirror are the spots where natural light floods into the room. Mirrors act as a natural light diffuser, spreading light from a concentrated area throughout the rest of the space. If you have a window in the room, place your mirror directly across from it, or at an angle when the sunlight reaches it. This way, the light bounces off of the mirror and brightens up the room. While this works best with natural light, you can use the same technique to spread artificial light too.

Creating the illusion of space

Have you ever been in a store where you think you can see an extra section out of the corner […]


Optimal Wine Storage: Things you should really consider

The art of winemaking could be considered a science, depending on how you look at it. Whichever definition you choose, winemaking is definitely a process that requires a lot of precision and consistency. The end result of the taste of your wine also depends heavily on wine storage and handling.

Before your Wine Arrives

Wine should be handled carefully from the day it’s made to the moment it’s poured into your glass. This careful consideration helps to maintain a rich taste and age appropriately. Unfortunately, there are a lot of inconsistencies involved in wine handling, especially after it leaves the winery. Wine is very sensitive to various conditions such as vibration, heat, and humidity, which can sometimes be unavoidable during transportation. However, from the time the wine is placed in your careful hands, you can help to preserve the perfection of taste in your own cellar.

The Regular Cellar

When it comes to cellaring wine, the consistency of absolutely everything in the room needs to be maintained, something all wine collectors and experts across the world can affirm. The key word is regulation; in the terms of both temperature and humidity. This means that from the first to the last day, wine should be kept at a consistent temperature and humidity. Exposure to the wrong temperatures or humidity, for even a short period of time, can easily cause undesired chemical reactions. These reactions often yield different results in the taste and value of your wine.

Climate Control Options to Consider

Traditionally, the good old basement cellar […]


Hygienic benefits of having a glass sports shower

Choosing the ideal sports shower might turn out to be a daunting task largely due to the numerous options available on the market today. There is no doubt a lot goes into consideration when making this critical decision. You want to think about design, convenience, branding, budgeting and functionality among other issues. However, as a gym owner, the best way to approach the subject would be through considering your customers’ priorities.

So, what are your customers’ primary priorities? They obviously don’t want to have a private moment inside a poorly constructed shower after parting with a subscription fee. Nevertheless, they aren’t also looking for a seven-star hotel shower after paying a few rands in monthly membership fees. No, your clients are reasonable people. Your clients most probably have functionality and hygiene as their top priorities. So, why not offer them something that assures them of a hygienic environment? Glass showers seem to provide a solution to the problem.

Easy to clean and maintain

Other than offering quality natural light, adding style to your gym and creating an illusion of space, glass sports showers are relatively easy to clean and maintain as compared to conventional showers. While you might need regular changing of shower curtains, glass showers require minimal labor to clean and maintain consequently offering a mold-free environment.

While mold might not seem like a big deal to some people, it’s a health hazard capable of causing short-term and long-term health problems. Some of the most common short-term health issues associated with mold include […]

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