The days of using up all our energy to chase and hunt for our food in the great outdoors are over.  Our office jobs are considerably less active, and as hard as we try to make up for this in the gym, we can’t possibly meet our sweat demands. Sweating is important to our bodies to help us release all the bad toxins we carry. So how do we fix our lack of sweat in the 21st century? This is where the steam shower comes in.

You may have a steam shower at your local gym, spa or fitness centre. This is because steam showers offer plenty of benefits to health and well-being. This amenity is especially useful when located in the convenience of your own home. This way, one can enjoy the benefits of a steam shower more often, and in privacy. Here are just some of these benefits:

Health Benefits

As mentioned, our bodies need to sweat to release the toxins in our body. This detoxification process is just one of the numerous processes our bodies experience in a steam shower. Here are a few more health benefits you can experience by using the steam shower:

Our Skin

Using a steam shower can have very positive effects on our skin. It acts as a natural moisturiser due to the warm arm and hydration present in the air. This also works to open up clogged pores with help the skin breathe, and sweat out toxins. Open pores also allow oxygen, vitamins and minerals in. Steam cleanses the skin and rejuvenates it, leaving a ‘health glow’. It also helps to prepare the skin follicles for activities like shaving and waxing.

Our Lungs

Steam is good for our entire respiratory system, and can make breathing easier. This is due to it’s ability to decongest your chest and open up the airways in your lungs. Steam showers can help with the relief of sinus congestion, by opening up your sinuses. All things contributing to the easier flow of oxygen, and therefore feeling better as a whole.

Our Circulation

Steam showers can help to improve our circulation. This is through vasodilatation, or the widening of blood vessels. This can help to lower blood pressure safely and naturally.

Our Muscles

After exercise, our muscles can hurt or feel sore for the next few days. A steam shower can help to minimise the pain of this, by relaxing our muscles. The warm air opens up capillaries, which allows the quicker flow of blood. As a result, the metabolic waste build up is removed.

Our Mental Health

Not only does a steam shower affect our physical health, but the process can also be good for mental well-being. It can help to relieve stress by encouraging relaxation. This in turn can promote a deep and restful sleep.

With all these benefits taken into consideration, it’s no wonder the steam room is always full at the gym. However, there are good and bad practises when using the steam room. How you use a steam shower will determine the amount of benefits you actually get from it.

Best Usage

Using a steam room incorrectly doesn’t do you any good, and in some cases can be dangerous. Here are a few steam shower considerations for a safe and relaxing experience:


  • Drinks lots of water about 30 minutes before using the steam shower. Hydration is essential to staying in good health. The steam shower makes you sweat more than usual, which is even more of a reason to drink water.
  • If you wish to avoid waiting in the steam shower for it to heat up, remember to pre-heat before you start.
  • Taking a short shower and dry off again before using the steam shower. This will get the excess dirt off and minimise bacteria accumulation. This is hygienic, and will help your skin absorb heat and steam more easily.


  • Step into the steam shower quickly to avoid heat loss. Be careful not to slip in the process.
  • You can sit or stand at your own preference.
  • You may find activities like shaving or exfoliating in the steam shower are beneficial. Steam helps to loosen dead skin for adequate exfoliation. When it comes to shaving, steam helps ease discomfort and makes the effort much easier. Just don’t bring the pressurised shaving canister into the steam shower with you.
  • You only want to spend a max of 15 to 20 minutes in the sauna at a time. Only spend longer periods using the steam shower when your body is used to it. Instead, take frequent breaks between shorter sessions.
  • It is important not to force yourself to stay in the steam shower for longer than you can handle. You can even bring a bottle of water into the steam shower to help ease any discomfort form the heat.
  • Shower with colder water in between sessions to cool down.


  • Drink water after the steam shower session. You will need to replenish the water you have sweat out.
  • Take note of how you are feeling, and if faint or lightheaded your sessions may be too long, or you may not be drinking enough water.

Types of Steam Showers to Consider

Framed Shower

The framed shower offers a more traditional aesthetic. The stronger finishing lines of a framed shower encapsulate the glass. This helps to ensure a sense of confidence that the enclosure is strong and tight. Aluview, installers of custom steam showers, describe their framed steam shower as:

“Based on the premise of an enclosure that traps the steam in without allowing excessive moisture into the bathroom. A specially designed header rail fits into the fibreglass ceiling leaving a professional fitted finish, avoiding the often ‘retro-fitted’ look of most steam showers. By combining a modern steam shower with a framed enclosure, Aluview is able to provide a traditionally styled bathroom with modern comforts.”

Frameless Shower

Aluview pioneered and proved to the industry that frameless Steam Showers are not only possible, but are desirable too.

The concept is for a floor to ceiling glass enclosure that traps the steam in without allowing excessive moisture into the bathroom.