Glass-inspired homes contribute to improved mental health

If the last month has proved anything, it is that spending extended periods of times indoors will have a significant impact on our mental health. The recent global shutdown proves this. Many have found that self-quarantining comes at a hefty price – and that includes our mental health.

While professional medical attention is advised for those experiencing mental health issues, research shows that spaces that incorporate glass significantly improve moods. This is due to the addition of natural light that light brings. 

So, we thought we’d explore glass-themed homes and why adding glass to your home should be your next renovation project post-lockdown.

The power of light

We know natural light to be every photographer’s greatest companion and the selling point for homes, but did you know that light has extraordinary effects on your mental health? While we won’t bore you with the scientific jargon, we will say that the sun’s impact is undisputed.

Sunlight is not just an aesthetic addition that introduces a homey glow into your home. Your body, in fact, craves the vitamins associated with the sun. A lack of daily sunlight will present itself in a variety of negative ways as your body looks to overcompensate for the lack of natural light that it receives. 

By opting for a glass-themed home you will be […]


Glass doors: the gateway to exquisite views

Most homeowners will tell you that a room with a view is ultimately the dream. Whether it’s a view of the famous South African sunset, bustling city skyline or tranquil ocean view, houses with unabated views continue to trump the market.

The extravagant use of glass has, therefore, become an essential architectural tool used to showcase these landscapes. Now while many designs use large glass windows, for access to those picturesque views, glass doors are taking this a step further.

Glass entryways

When you think of doors the first thing that comes to mind is the separation of one space from another. However, with glass doors, this separation comes with a visual link that creates a harmonious flow between spaces. Interior designers, architects and door specialists alike understand the need for modern areas to take on a trendy, healthy and aerated appeal and how glass doors help achieve this.

Benefits of glass doors

Brilliantly transparent

One of the most attractive elements of a glass door is its aesthetic allure. Its ability to seamlessly blend into the interior design style of any space increases its favour. This intricate design also contributes to current architectural trends as it adds silent communication between various spaces. Particularly that of your outdoor environment. The transparent nature of this material means that it quickly becomes an ever-changing canvas for both your exteriors and interiors.

Brings in a sense of fun

Glass sliding doors have an inherent fun about them. […]


Unpacking the top design styles for 2020

Are you considering changing the style of your home in the new year but in need of a little inspiration? Search no more because we are covering our top 6 most favoured styles. In reality, though, these decorative styles are not rigid. There is no pressure to identify with just one. Mix and match with as many styles as you’d like and make it your own.

Mid-century modern

This interior design style pays homage to the mid-1900s through its use of refined lines, natural shapes and minimalist silhouettes. Spaces that follow mid-century modern aesthetics make use of simple colours, crisp lines and clean-cut pieces. Materials that work best in this space include, steel, metal and glass.

The use of glass in mid-century styled homes will not only define this space but complement its simplistic nature. This will also add a sense of elegance and synergy with the monochrome palettes. Glass will also add unobtrusive elements to a space that feed into a nonchalant and decluttered character. With intentional asymmetry, minimal chaos and neutral accessories, glass will help emphasise the stylish dialogue throughout.


Traditional interior design offers your space a more classic detailing. Rooted in European influence, this look is characterised by extroverted accessorising and opulent furnishings. This includes well-constructed wingback chairs and tufted Chesterfield couches. Features of this design style, therefore, rely on darker elements that are punctuated with rich colours, patterns and curved lines. Traditional stylings come with a sense of depth and layering.

Glass is a welcomed addition to […]


Aluview: helping you bring the outdoors in

Greenery has quickly moved to the hearts of most architectural projects. This has seen many homes being built with natures aesthetic being embedded into its design. The graceful merging of architecture and landscape has now revolutionised the term ‘bringing the outdoors in’.

Aluview remains committed to introducing the multi-faceted presence of glass into various spaces. Embracing a glass-theme throughout your home will offer individuals physical and visual freedom to transition between the outdoors and indoors. This effortless transition allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

How glass will allow you to embrace the outdoors

–          It blurs the strict lines between outdoor and indoor living

–          Creates visual stimuli and appeal

–          Outdoor elements will add to the creative aesthetic and layout of the space

–          You can play with perspective and flow of movement

–          Elevates the space

How glass will allow you to embrace the outdoors

–          It blurs the strict lines between outdoor and indoor living

–          Creates visual stimuli and appeal

–          Outdoor elements will add to the creative aesthetic and layout of the space

–          You can play with perspective and flow of movement

–          Elevates the space

Why you should be embracing the outdoors

It is important that your various spaces maximise natural light. Incorporating glass into your architectural design will not only open up the space but show off your incredible scenery. Here are a few examples of glass features for your home:

Expansive glass walls

This is a stylistic choice, but it is the best way to embrace the outdoors. Placing glass […]


5 Advantages of a Glass Shopfront

How installing a glass shopfront is highly beneficial to your business

Your shopfront is an essential decision when building your business space. It’s the first thing customers will notice about you, and a first impression makes a big difference. Glass is the ideal material for a number of different business spaces, from retail to restaurants, office boardrooms to hotels. Here are our reasons why glass makes the best shopfront on the market:

Easy cleaning

Hygiene is one of those things that will put a customer off really quickly when it’s not done the right way. It is very noticeable when you’ve got grimy, dirty tiles or stains on the walls. Glass, on the other hand, is the easiest material to keep clean. Glass does not hold onto or absorb dirt the way that other materials do – instead it simply takes a quick wipe for the dust to disappear.

This is extremely beneficial to most businesses, but especially shops that serve food – where bacteria could cause serious health risks and hygiene is key. While your customers may not notice when your shopfront is squeaky clean, they certainly will notice when it’s not, so having an easy to clean surface is essential for customer experience.

Easy maintenance

Glass also requires little to no maintenance over the years. Unlike surfaces like wood […]


7 Different Types of Glass Shower Doors

How Choosing a Shower Door Option Can Change The Look of Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is second only to your kitchen when it comes to adding value to your home. It is one of the elements that homeowners are looking for when considering buying, and what will give you a large return on investment. The modern bathroom must contain a shower space – it has become an essential element when considering the layout of your bathroom. The look of this shower space is very dependent on the finishes – no one wants an outdated or uninviting bathroom space. The type of glass doors you install form part of this. Bathroom doors can be chosen for their appearance, their function or a good combination of the two. When you consider the doors on your shower, look at the following shower door types:

Based on Appearance:

Framed Shower Doors

A framed shower door has a more traditional feel and is a common choice in many bathrooms. This standard glass door option is great for large or heavy glass and is known for its durability and strength. This is especially true in the case of sliding or swinging door applications. The frame is usually made from materials that are easy to maintain in a typically damp environment, such as aluminium.

Frameless Shower Doors

The frameless shower door […]



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