When this client explained his idea for a ‘his & hers shower‘ enclosure we were excited to get involved!

It’s not easy to get large shower enclosures to work harmoniously with other features within a bathroom. All too often, the shower enclosure lands up dominating the space. However, here I think we got it just right!

Wayne’s shower is so sleek it encourages the eye to survey the whole bathroom and enjoy the shower enclosure in context which, is exactly what you want!

So how did we do it?
The recessed wall is the most important feature. It allowed us to limit the extent to which the shower pushes into the bathroom while still ensuring a generous internal volume. Access to the shower is from the sides which enabled us to make use of a single beautiful large panel in the front – there is simply nothing here for your eye to trip over.

Still, it’s a large shower and big enclosures need to be stabilized if they are to conform to our high safety standards. If you look closer, you’ll notice that there are in fact three hinges per door and a stabilizer bar on either side.

These elements will ensure that the structure always feels rigid and secure. They are neat and inconspicuous there for ultimate peace of mind while not detracting from this shower’s seamless feel.

Thank you Wayne for an awesome project. We loved bringing your inspiration into reality!