Glass – combining both functionality and design in your home.

Whether you’re renovating, looking for a little inspiration or trying to better aerate your home, glass is the perfect addition. Glass boasts a multipurpose quality – creating different effects and fulfilling unique purposes throughout your space – both decoratively and architecturally!

Glass can blend seamlessly into the existing design of a specific room or become a welcomed addition to the new blank canvas that is your new home. We will be combining both functionality and design to show you how glass is the epitome of art and architecture.

Glass in the bedroom

Adding glass to your bedroom can have pleasing effects on the aesthetics of this space. Its lively contribution will give the illusion of space as it creates an elongated continuity. The impression that the room spreads beyond its physical confines contributes to the aeration of your bedroom. This will eradicate the feeling of a claustrophobic or small bedroom.

On a more practical level, glass becomes the best light source with the inclusion of larger windows and sliding doors. Bedrooms often require the addition of light and a natural radiance to flow throughout the room. This will add to the space’s charm and serene impression.

Glass in the kitchen

The combination of various glass types in your kitchen has both an elegant and practical benefit; particularly to a space that is often deemed the heart of the home. This refreshing and delicate material offers a unique visual stimulus that will offer an unobtrusive imprint.

Installing a […]