All There is to Know About Home Renovations

A home renovation is stressful and frustrating but with the right advice, contractor and plan – it doesn’t have to be. We’re going to identify all the steps to follow and give you the full run-down on everything you need to know about home renovations.

What is a renovation?

The term renovation is often confused with remodelling and restoring. For a successful renovation, clear communication between owner, contractor, and architect is critical. Understanding the correct terminology is the best place to start;


Remodelling is often used to describe any kind of change to an existing house. Technically, it’s more accurate to say that remodel means to change the structure or form of a whole house or a portion of a house. For example, when you combine a kitchen and dining room into one large eat-in kitchen you’re remodelling the kitchen and dining room.


Renovating is a more specific term that means to literally make something new again. An out-of-date kitchen, updated with new finishes and fixtures, has been renovated.


Restoring a house is the opposite of a renovation. Instead of updating your home, you revert the house back to its original state.

This may seem obvious but these terms often get confused and misused so it’s important to completely understand what you need and want before you start.

7 Steps to follow

Renovations are the best way to increase your home’s resale value and keep your home up-to-date with modern designs. Keep the entire process as simple as possible by following these steps;

1.  […]