5 facts you (probably) didn’t know about glass

For centuries, humans have been producing, using and benefiting from the wonders of glass. But how far does your knowledge of this material go? Here are a few interesting facts about our personal favourite material.

  1. Nature made it first

Before humans began crafting glass, nature was already on it! When sand is struck by lightning the heat creates a tube-like glass. This is called fulgurites. Volcanic eruptions also create forms of glass that are called obsidians.

  1. Sand: the basis of all glass

In order to produce glass, you will need sand. Silica, a form of sand, is created by combining limestone and soda ash in a high-temperature furnace. The liquid is then cooled. The result? Glass.

  1. Glass is 100% recyclable

A characteristic that many materials cannot boast: glass is a material that can be endlessly recycled. This will not change or damage its purity and quality. This is a great environmentally friendly feature. Recycling glass also helps save various natural resources; including limestone whilst simultaneously decreasing carbon dioxide emissions.

  1. Minerals: the new glass dye

When you combine glass with certain minerals, the colour of your glass will change. Want to make violet coloured glass? Add a little bit of nickel oxide. Green glass just requires non-toxic chrome oxide.

  1. Glass is pure

The purity of glass means that it is air-tight and impermeable. Glass can handle high-pressure sealing, which will safeguard all contents from oxygen and/or moisture.

However, the greatest glass fact pertains to its […]