Glass: redefining your bathroom

Glass is continuing to take over all interior design trends. Particularly your bathroom space. Whether you’re looking for a subtle upgrade or an entire revamp; glass is the way to go. Give your bathroom the makeover it deserves with Aluview.

Rebranding glass’ reputation

Of course, it is easy to view glass additions as rather plain and simple. This isn’t the case with Aluview. We take pride in reflecting the mood and theme of your bathroom. This aesthetic is then brought to life through our stylish and sleek glass designs. With endless possibilities, glass has proved itself to be the foundations for many architectural and interior designs. All of which are made from toughened materials, so you can be assured in the safety and style of our glass.ing here or viewing our catalogue here.

Benefits of a glass bathroom

–          It is both smart and practical

–          A more hygienic material and easy to clean

–          Makes smaller bathrooms appear larger

–          Adds a lighter and brighter aesthetic to the space

–          Provides an intriguing glimpse into other areas of the bathroom

How to incorporate glass

To give you a little bit of inspiration, we have compiled 5 different ways to utilise glass in your bathroom:

Glass shower doors

Although a more obvious way to integrate glass, glass shower doors continue to be favourite amongst our clients. Lending themselves to the elegance and style of modern spaces, glass doors combine distinct features with more practical elements. This will give your space a more upscale profile.

Glass sink

The […]


Glass – combining both functionality and design in your home.

Whether you’re renovating, looking for a little inspiration or trying to better aerate your home, glass is the perfect addition. Glass boasts a multipurpose quality – creating different effects and fulfilling unique purposes throughout your space – both decoratively and architecturally!

Glass can blend seamlessly into the existing design of a specific room or become a welcomed addition to the new blank canvas that is your new home. We will be combining both functionality and design to show you how glass is the epitome of art and architecture.

Glass in the bedroom

Adding glass to your bedroom can have pleasing effects on the aesthetics of this space. Its lively contribution will give the illusion of space as it creates an elongated continuity. The impression that the room spreads beyond its physical confines contributes to the aeration of your bedroom. This will eradicate the feeling of a claustrophobic or small bedroom.

On a more practical level, glass becomes the best light source with the inclusion of larger windows and sliding doors. Bedrooms often require the addition of light and a natural radiance to flow throughout the room. This will add to the space’s charm and serene impression.

Glass in the kitchen

The combination of various glass types in your kitchen has both an elegant and practical benefit; particularly to a space that is often deemed the heart of the home. This refreshing and delicate material offers a unique visual stimulus that will offer an unobtrusive imprint.

Installing a […]


How to get the most out of your bathroom accessories

Inside any well-designed bathroom, you will find a range of bathroom accessories varying from soap dispensers to shelving.These accessories are not only important for the design aesthetic, but also for the overall functionality of the space.

A simple misuse of a bathroom accessory leads to an impractical bathroom layout, and makes a small space seem cluttered and overcrowded.

How to decide on the right accessories for your bathroom

  1. To start off, take a good look at your bathroom and analyse the layout and space as a whole. Think of those common accessories used daily in this space – without these essential accessories such as a toilet-roll holder or a soap dish, we would have difficulties reaching the toilet paper behind us or struggle with soap sliding around the basin.
  2. Once you have chosen the type of accessories you need, it’s time to pick each one out according to your desired look and feel (not forgetting about your bathroom layout of course).
  3. Now that you have these accessories, keep a space in mind where they would be the most practical. For example; towel rails should be fitted within easy grabbing distance of the bath or shower, and other accessories such as shelving should not obstruct shower and cupboard doors from opening. Think of these accessories in terms of their contribution to maximising your bathroom space in order to maintain a neat, ordered look.

How to install your new bathroom accessories

There are a few important considerations to take into account when installing bathroom accessories:

  • Have […]


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