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Glass has the ability to define space without making it feel enclosed. Effective use of glass partitions ensures buildings or workspaces maintain a lightness and brightness to them.

Aluview’s extensive experience in the glass-industry has enabled us to be innovators in the field of glass walling. We use of safety or toughened glass (dependant on client requirements) that we are able to apply patterns on by;

  • Sandblasting (we use NanogateTM- a product specially designed in Germany- to seal sandblasting patterns)
  • Etching
  • Silk-screening
  • Directly printing on the glass

Aluview have installed glass partitioning in several resorts and business sites across the country these include:

  • The Maslow Hotel
  • Sun City’s Entrance foyer
  • Hotel on Boulevard (Entrance doors)
  • The Regency Hotel
  • Several spas and gyms across the country.